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Leather Tsuba
custom sized leather tsuba for bokken
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Leather Tsuba

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The Leather Tsuba is ordered to your specifications as per instructions in the above diagrams. Wrap scotch tape around the intended circumference then measure the length. Don't use a tape measure directly as its thickness will introduce an error.

Note: If intended for a non Kingfisher bokken, the blade section must have a continuous taper as the tsuba relies on a tight friction fit and requires that the blade gets thicker toward the tsuka (handle) in order to seat properly.

The leather used for this product is perfectly uniform and pre-stretched to form a strong, tight fit that adapts itself to any change in the weapon, whether from impact or humidity fluctuation. The leather is industrial grade, uniform, smooth and of the highest quality. It is produced by the sole US manufacturer of leather belting for machine tool drives. The tsuba is precisely wound, trimmed, dyed and polished to a deep red burgundy luster.

The Kingfisher leather tsuba is recommended for specific situations as follows:

  1. Kingfisher Bokken of very high quality (grade L7 Hickory or better and special wood selections).
  2. In circumstances where utterly reliable hand protection is required.
  3. For non Kingfisher bokken of very high quality.
  4. In circumstances where it is impractical to send a bokken back to Kingfisher for the fitting of a bamboo tsuba. (Note: the leather tsuba can be sized and fitted without the bokken by following the directions below but in order to fit a bamboo tsuba, we must have the bokken here.)

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Hi Brad I received the bokken and OH MY GOD, it is beautiful I almost don't want to use it, it looks so good. The jo and tanto are awesome too. One question on the bamboo tsuba, when I try to fit it, it got to 3/4 of the length of where it's supposed to be at the beginning of the tsuka. I didn't want to jam it in there forcefully, so is there a proper technique to install the tsuba? I'm assuming that I put an o-ring on each side of the tsuba. Makers response-Thanks so much! Tsuba are custom fit to individual bokken. They are intended to be a little snug at first however, they will seat into the transition ramp after a bit of use.

Hello, I'm mailing you to let you know i received the 42" aikiken i ordered near the beginning of the month. it is of the best quality i've ever seen. awesome, awesome sword, thank you! the grain on the chisel top is wild, changing color from light to dark with movement and the patterns within the wood make me feel like i'm handling a much more expensive piece of art. i hope to take care of it well enough to hand it down to my children! i can't wait to order another one of your wooden weapons. hopefully soon! - Andrew