Shipping information

Most woodwork is produced when the order is received. While we use 2 and 3 day priority shipping for most orders, please allow the following approximate lead times as we don't carry products in finished inventory. We'll send an email confirmation and tracking when your order is shipped.

Shipping in 1 - 2 days Shipping in about 4 - 5 weeks  Shipping in about 5 to 6 weeks  Shipping in about 6 weeks 
Finish Oil
L5, L7, Bokken
Enhanced Bokken hc (hand cut) Bokken
O-rings L5, L7, hc Jo Enhanced Jo hc (hand cut) Bo staff
Carbide Tip
L5, L7, Short Sticks
Enhanced Short Sticks
L5, L7, L7hc Tanto
Project Dowels
L5, L7 Bo Staff
L5, L7, hc Hiking Sticks
Self Defense Cane
Wholesale Martial Sticks


 International customers

We'll ship to most places directly but it’s also easy to use a mail forwarder (they create the customs documentation and handle VAT collection etc.)

Here’s how it works:
You create an account at a company like Stackry (or any reputable mail forwarder). You’ll be assigned a US mailing address. When ordering with Kingfisher (or any other products from the US), use your unique locker number at the US address assigned to you. We’ll deliver the package to them. They ship to you.

Remember, it usually takes us a few weeks to make the order so the shipping time stated by the forwarder will be added to that!

Note: the freight forwarder will require you to enter product description and assign a value for customs and tax purposes. We recommend that you make the product description simple and inconspicuous. For example, instead of describing a bokken as “Aikido bokken” or "Wooden Weapon” simply describe it as “carved wooden staff”. Put a low value on the package as taxes will be based on declared value.