Shipping information

Most woodwork is produced when the order is received. While we use 2 and 3 day priority shipping for most orders, please allow the following approximate lead times as we don't carry products in finished inventory. We'll send an email confirmation and tracking when your order is shipped.

Shipping in 1 - 2 days Shipping in about 2 l/2 weeks  Shipping in about 5 to 6 weeks 
Finish Oil
L5, L7, and hand cut products, Yari, Tessen, SD cane, Wholesale Martial Sticks
Enhanced Bokken
O-rings Enhanced Jo
Carbide Tip
Enhanced Short Sticks
Project Dowels


International customers
Although we'll assess minimal customs valuations, your country may assess VAT or import duties and require signature proof of delivery. Please make sure to monitor tracking and arrange for delivery if necessary. We'll send tracking information when your order is sent.