Kanji Inscription Information

custom kanji on bokken
Kanji inscription on enhanced bokken in display stand. Discreet 3/8" x 3/8" kanji characters are inscribed into the wood by hand with a calligraphy burning stylus.
one time one meeting kanji inscription on bokken

Shown on the bevel of a hand cut bokken - one time one meeting (living in the moment)


aikido in kanji

Aikido (the way of combining energy)

floating clouds flowing water kanji on bokken

Shown on a bokken bevel - floating clouds flowing water (taking it easy, going with the flow)

kanji on katanakake

Shown on katanakake support - thinness of one sheet of paper (the closeness of opposites)

tombo - dragonfly kanji
Shown on Yagyu bokken - tombo, "dragonfly"
Kanji are ideographs and pictographs used in written Japanese. Oriented vertically and read top to bottom, the characters are burned by hand with a calligraphy stylus from a large archive of more than to personalize your bokken, jo, hiking stick or display stand.
We'll also make custom inscriptions by special request but If you're not fluent in Japanese, it's best not to mix up characters on your own. The inscription process is not suited to geometrical designs or custom logos at this time.

Additional martial art kanji recommendations

Years ago, our website listed over a thousand kanji selections. Unfortunately, the modern internet platforms will not accommodate a simple mechanism to add these to an order. However, it's still possible to access our old websites via a service called the "Way Back Machine"

We'll still make these kanji of years ago by special order. Peruse the database and let us know by email the Japanese pronunciation as well as the meaning. We'll quote a price and send instructions on how to add that to your order.