Enhanced Bokken, Jo & Staff Grade Information

enhanced bokken category

Enhanced bokken, jo and other staffs begin with our flagship material, Appalachian hickory. In this category of products however, the wood is further improved in both hardness and density through a process where acrylic resin is driven completely through the wood structure.

Strength and ductility are preserved but hardness and density are increased. This is especially advantageous for bokken since high density imparts a more "sword-like" quality - but there are other advantages for wooden swords and staffs in general: higher density imparts higher dent resistance; since the finish is completely through the wood structure, there is no need for oil finish maintenance; the cells are filled with resin and so there is very little, if any atmospheric moisture exchange and hence, greater stability.

But finally, we use a polishing technique that creates a beautiful mirror smooth finish that brings out fine details in grain structure and reveals the wood's subtle beauty.

enhanced bokken kissaki

Enhanced Appalachian Hickory has superior mechanical properties to any other wood used for martial art weapons - including Japanese White Oak (Shiro Kashi) and any other exotic wood. With normal practice, these weapons should retain their beauty and last indefinitely.

Please remember - This is still essentially a wood product, not polypropylene or synthetic material. It's exceedingly strong but not indestructible. Our warranty won't cover items showing evidence of abuse or hard contact with metal,  pavement, rock, the corner of a brick building etc. - and yes while it will probably only be scuffed if it hits the ceiling, impact with bookcases, lamps or things like that should be avoided:)