Hiking Stick Information

Choosing your hiking stick.
custom wooden hiking sticks in action

Kingfisher makes the strongest and most reliable custom wooden hiking sticks available. Along with wood choice, which in this case is phenomenally resilient and beautiful Appalachian Hickory, the other most important characteristic of the hiking stick is its shape: a straight staff gives the user the most flexibility in choosing hand position for optimal working length. When hiking uphill or downhill, it can be grasped higher or lower for best reach and balance. Adjustments can be made instantly. Since there is no left or right hand bias, the hiker can quickly shift between hands. Although branches and irregularly shaped sticks provide a whimsical appearance, they also restrict the hiker's hand placement and limit the adjustments possible with a straight uniform staff.

The length of the hiking stick is a matter of preference however, it's usually good to have an amount of "counter-balance" above the hand grip. Some extra length is also good for downhill pitches. As a general guideline, we recommend using the measurement from the neck (jugular notch area) to the ground as shown below.

hiking stick length

Two diameters are available. The original 15/16" diameter is intended to be light and fast - it has a more slender feel. The 1" diameter option is thicker and has a medium girth for those preferring a slightly thicker feel.

diameter of hiking stick

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