Katori Bokken
Katori Bokken
Katori Bokken
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Katori Bokken

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The Katori Bokken, offered in 2 quality grade levels, is a specialized bokken specific to Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, a classical old sword school, founded in the early Muromachi period by Iizasa Choisai Ienao.

The design is characterized by a flaring of the tsuka at the position of the left hand grip and koshi-zori geometry whereby the deepest curvature is near the tsuka. This wooden sword is also fairly short in comparison to other bokken. As with other bokken, the shape isn't intended to mimic a live blade as much as enabling movements used in the Katori system. 

Because of its feeling of leverage, its maneuverable length and arguably perfect balance, this bokken delivers the fastest and most powerful response of any wooden sword. While we often have requests for modifications of the Katori bokken (most often longer length), the fact remains that this bokken evolved in one of the oldest martial systems. Slight deviations from the time-tested parameters only tend to diminish it. For an interesting review from an unsolicited customer, check out this link https://youtu.be/-RoQbiZ5-kA

We'd recommend anyone interested to contact a licensed Katori dojo for more information on the system.

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Hi Brad I received the bokken and OH MY GOD, it is beautiful I almost don't want to use it, it looks so good. The jo and tanto are awesome too. One question on the bamboo tsuba, when I try to fit it, it got to 3/4 of the length of where it's supposed to be at the beginning of the tsuka. I didn't want to jam it in there forcefully, so is there a proper technique to install the tsuba? I'm assuming that I put an o-ring on each side of the tsuba. Makers response-Thanks so much! Tsuba are custom fit to individual bokken. They are intended to be a little snug at first however, they will seat into the transition ramp after a bit of use.

Hello, I'm mailing you to let you know i received the 42" aikiken i ordered near the beginning of the month. it is of the best quality i've ever seen. awesome, awesome sword, thank you! the grain on the chisel top is wild, changing color from light to dark with movement and the patterns within the wood make me feel like i'm handling a much more expensive piece of art. i hope to take care of it well enough to hand it down to my children! i can't wait to order another one of your wooden weapons. hopefully soon! - Andrew