Tsuba Information

Wooden (Bamboo) Tsuba

bokken with wooden tsuba

The removable hand guard (tsuba) fitted onto bokken perform the obvious function of protecting the hands from an opponent's weapon. But the tsuba also allows for certain specialized techniques where the edge of tsuba itself becomes the instrument for atemi (striking) and pressure point manipulations. The Kingfisher removable bamboo tsuba is available with some bokken and not on others in accordance with the traditional use of the weapon.


removable wooden bokken tsuba




The bamboo tsuba sits between two compression rings (supplied with the tsuba).

1) Slide one ring to the desired place on the blade

2) Slide the tsuba into the chamfer of the first o-ring.

3) Work the second o-ring into the chamfer of the tsuba on the other side so that the o-rings are captured into the chamfers of the tsuba.

Forces on the tsuba act to compress the rings. The tsuba stays tightly in position but is easily removable.

The bamboo tsuba is available to accompany Kingfisher bokken but is not sold separately. If you'd like to have your existing bokken fitted with a bamboo tsuba please contact us.

Leather Tsuba


The leather tsuba is available as an option with selected Kingfisher bokken or may ordered to your specifications (see instructions) for most other bokken.

This tsuba is precisely wound, trimmed, dyed and polished to a deep red burgundy luster. It's easily removable and sized perfectly to your bokken with a tight friction fit. The leather is perfectly uniform and pre-stretched to form a strong, tight fit that adapts itself to any change in the weapon, whether from impact or humidity fluctuation. 

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