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All orders for specials are fulfilled first come first served with credit card payment in full in advance through our secure server or via paypal (see this link for payment options). We will not take partial payments or hold items unless paid in full. Specials are ready for shipment but customizations including inscriptions, length modifications and accessories may delay delivery depending on the current shop schedule.
Kingfisher project dowels
Project grade dowel



Project grade dowel

Unfinished dowels are made from high quality, tough Appalachian hickory:

Project grade: too warped for full length staffs or have included knots or defects as shown. Perfect for DIYshorter weapons or DIY hiking sticks where straightness isn't critical. Project dowels are not sorted so any combination of colors and quality grades are included- white wood, red wood or a combination of the two. Diameter approximately 1" and length approximately 56".


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