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Iwama Bokken
Enhanced Shinto long sword
Kashira detail: The enhanced shinto bokken kashira is compound domed, identical in shape to historic live blade fittings and provides an oblique surface for the pinky finger of the left hand. This allows for the correct (and comfortable) left hand position, which rests slightly off the tsuka (hilt).  
bokken tsuba stop Transition detail: This design utilizes a scalloped transition area which separates the blade from the tsuka (hilt). It allows for an optional tsuba (hand guard) but also defines the beginning of the blade, which can easily be felt by the hand. In contrast to a sharp step, often seen on mass produced bokken, this shape allows for a smooth definition of the weapon, which improves balance and continuity.  

Kissaki detail: Sword points are arguably one of the most difficult aspects of shaping a bokken. The curve of the point as well as its proportion to the blade width affect the aesthetics and function of the sword in a subtle but important way.

The enhanced shinto bokken is fashioned with a fully resolved sword point. The point is rounded, so that it isn't sharp or dangerous in practice, but still captures the essence of a true samurai sword. Notice the curve of the point's edge, and also, the yokote demarcation (this is the vertical line that separates the faces of blade section from the point. Creating these angles are extremely challenging and rarely if ever seen in wooden swords created outside of the Kingfisher shop.

The Enhanced Shinto bokken is 40" long with a 10.75" tsuka. It has a moderate torii zori curvature and, with its medium, well balanced proportions, has a feeling of quickness and maneuverability. This wooden sword is representative of a classical interpretation of live blade transposed into wood. The shape, proportions and weight of the shinto bokken are probably the closest to the ideal shape of the Tokugawa era and arguably, the closest to a "standard" design.

The defining feature of this weapon is its grace and classic lines but the Kingfisher enhanced version is ultra hard, heavy, dent resistant, strong and stable due to the enhancement process whereby acrylic resin is drawn completely through the structure of the wood. The weight is approximately 23 oz (650gm) - its density is high enough to sink in water. Like other enhanced weapons, its properties are achieved in the enhancement process and not through over sizing traditional weapon proportions to achieve necessary weight and strength. Since acrylic has replaced the interstitial spaces within the wood, no finish is required or recommended other than simple buffing or a light coat of paste wax.
The enhanced Shinto bokken will have some variations in color natural to the wood. While the images provided reflect the quality, polish and refinement of the weapon, there will be differences in colors beyond our control.
These weapons are extremely tough and the user is cautioned to exercise reasonable restraint as they are entirely capable of causing damage to partner's weapons if used recklessly.
Please allow about 4 weeks for shipment. You will receive a confirming email that the order was received and tracking information upon shipping.
More information on the enhancement process
Tsuka length: 10.75" (27.3cm)
Overall length: 40" (102cm)
Blade: mitsumune (three sided bevel)
Weight: 23 oz (650 gm)
Kashira: compound dome with maker's mark
Kissaki: fully shaped sword point

Enhanced Shinto long sword
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Code: enhshintols
Price: $365.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
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