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Iwama Bokken
Enhanced Iwama long sword
Kashira detail: The enhanced Iwama bokken kashira is compound domed, identical in shape to historic live blade fittings and provides an oblique surface for the pinky finger of the left hand. This allows for the correct (and comfortable) left hand position, which rests slightly off the tsuka (hilt).


Transition detail: This design utilizes a smooth transition area with no separation between the blade and the tsuka (hilt). The Iwama bokken does not accept a tsuba (hand guard) as the Iwama style emphasizes correct body movement as the defensive method rather than the use of the tsuba as a protective device  

Kissaki detail: The enhanced Iwama bokken is shaped with a 10 deg raked blunt point. The edges are chamfered, so that the point isn't sharp or dangerous in practice, but still captures the essence of the style, which emphasizes a particular linear force with directness and simplicity. While Aikido Iwama style isn't a classical ryuha, the bokken is certainly derived from classical systems and the weapon has notable similarities to that of the ancient Jigen Ryu.

The Enhanced Iwama bokken is 41" long, has a moderate curvature and, with its fairly stout proportions, has a feeling of decisive to heavy balance due to its lack of pronounced taper. It's made from patterns and dimensions studied over decades including many personal insights from direct students of Morihiro Saito, the headmaster of the Iwama school and most senior weapons student of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba.
The defining feature of this weapon is its solidness and simplicity in general but the Kingfisher enhanced version is ultra hard, heavy, dent resistant, strong and stable due to the enhancement process whereby acrylic resin is drawn completely through the structure of the wood. The weight is 25 oz (700gm)+ - its density is high enough to sink in water. Like other enhanced weapons, its properties are achieved in the enhancement process and not through over sizing traditional weapon proportions to achieve necessary weight and strength. Since acrylic has replaced the interstitial spaces within the wood, no finish is required or recommended other than simple buffing or a light coat of paste wax. These weapons are extremely tough and the user is cautioned to exercise reasonable restraint as they are entirely capable of causing damage to partner's weapons if used recklessly.
The enhanced Iwama bokken will have some variations in color natural to the wood. While the images provided reflect the quality, polish and refinement of the weapon, there will be differences in colors beyond our control.
Please allow about 4 weeks for shipment. You will receive a confirming email upon receipt and tracking information upon shipping.
More information on the enhancement process
Tsuka length: smooth transition at about 12" (30 cm)
Overall length: 41" (105cm)
Blade: mitsumune (three sided bevel)
Weight: 25 oz (700 gm) +
Kashira: compound dome with maker's mark
Kissaki: 10deg raked blunt with chamfered edges

Enhanced Iwama long sword
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Code: enhiwamals
Price: $345.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
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