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Kingfisher Payment & Shipping Options


With the exception of certain accessories (carry case, finish oil etc.) all Kingfisher products are made to order. Your online sale generates a confirming email which you should receive immediately. Credit cards are charged when the order is made. As of this posting, February 2016, production time is about 3 1/2 weeks.

Our shipping software will automatically send tracking information to your email address upon shipment.
Payment options:

Discover, Mastercard, Visa & Paypal:

Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or paypal are the most direct method to reserve a place in the shop schedule. Charges will be processed when the order is entered and the work will proceed as described above.

If you choose to enter your cc information on our secure server, no one sees the actual account information which is guaranteed by the processing gateway and visa/mastercard or discover. Shipping details and order specifics entered by you means that there is less chance of error than when re-typed or transcribed via a phone order. Despite all of that, if you ever have any questions, give us a call at 802 295 9908. You can talk to a real person and we are happy to enter the order.
Order by mail:
Follow instructions for payment by check or money order on the online store at checkout
Shipping options:
Option (1) United States (Lower 48 states) Ground
Price is based on weight but capped at $16. You will receive an email notification with tracking number. Most shipments will be sent via US postal system priority mail.
Option (2) United States (Lower 48 states) Driver required to obtain signature
Price is based on weight but capped at $18. Driver required to obtain signature. This is necessary if there is any likelihood of theft or mishandling upon arrival.
Option (3) Hawaii and Alaska
Price based on weight but capped at $22. Your package will be shipped via United States Postal Service.

Option (4) Canada

Price based on weight but capped at $34. Your package will be shipped via USPS International Priority Mail or International First Class into the Canadian Postal System. You will receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking information.
Option (5) International

Price is based on weight averaging $44 to $48 but capped at $60.00 for orders more than 4 lb.

Packages shipped via US Air Priority Mail with tracking information available.
Tracking numbers will be sent via email.
Note: International shipping includes the following special services to expedite your order: Kingfisher assesses the lowest possible value to save on your import duties, we use custom carton sizes to accommodate international shipping documents, we use custom software to create product declarations and, we physically bring the package to the US postal service office for international dispatch. However, don't be alarmed if your package isn't traceable at every step of the way after you have received the confirmation and tracking number. The post office does not scan every step of the way. Also, international customs can create unexplained delays. Usually, a shipment will take as little as 10 days but be patient as the postal systems are a bit variable.
Unexpected Shipping Charges:
We will contact you prior to processing your order if there are any changes in rates due to shipment size or destination.

Payment & Shipping

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