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Hiking Stick
Strength, stability, self defense. Made in Vermont with the toughest wood in the world from our outstanding suppliers in the Southern Appalachians.
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Kingfisher WoodWorks LLC
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The Kingfisher hiking stick, a slender unassuming straight staff of uncompromising quality, strength and versatility is now available in lengths up to 60". These superior staffs are light weight and fast. Kingfisher WoodWorks, an American company with roots in the manufacture of wooden martial art practice equipment offers these staffs to hikers and walkers seeking a rugged hiking and trekking pole without gimmicks, questionable technologies or un-ecological materials. These products were developed over a 27 year period for the most demanding conditions encountered by martial artists and then adapted as a natural extension to hikers looking for simplicity and reliability.
full length hiking stick

The use of hiking sticks when walking long distances distributes weight to the arms, thus increasing endurance. Hiking sticks improve balance in rough terrain and while crossing rivers and streams. Transferring pressure lowers stress on the joints, knees, hips and lower back. They allow a more upright, hiking posture which in turn makes breathing more efficient. They help with steep inclines and help maintain balance on declines. Constant use of the arms in handling a pole reduces swelling in the hands and fingers through active engagement of the upper body and extremities.

Low Tech but Precise, Accurate shape with Unmatched Strength
Most trekking poles today are engineered with adjustable telescopic features and made from materials such as aluminum or titanium with adjustable wrist lanyards and can have plastic or cork handgrips. Alternatively, The Kingfisher hiking stick is a simple, straight, handcrafted Appalachian Hickory staff from a well managed domestic source. It has superb strength - much more than a modern metal trekking pole. At 22 oz. weight, it is not heavy but offers the hiker a feeling of compete confidence that the staff will bear up to unusual situations.
Benefit in Dynamic Situations and Trail Running
A simple, straight cylindrical staff of high quality wood is ergonomically superior and faster than a hiking stick of metal or irregularly shaped rustic sticks. The hiker places his or her hand exactly at the preferred height. Since there is no predetermined grip position the working length is instantly determined intuitively. These sticks are ideal for general hiking and walking but also indispensable for trail running. The stick can be quickly shifted from one hand to the other as an aid to balance, especially when vaulting logs, blow downs and other obstacles.
Self Defense
While an untrained person with a stick would be no match for a large aggressive animal, having a stick is a huge deterrent. Dogs for example, understand the implied consequences. For that matter, so do people. The stick can be used to probe ledges and overhangs for snakes or it could be used to fend off any number of unwelcome encounters!
Made of Tough Appalachian Hickory
All Kingfisher Hiking sticks are made of air dried Appalachian Hickory and available in several wood quality grades. The staffs are accurately shaped, sanded to a smooth finish and hand rubbed with teak oil.  
Ultra Hard but Eco-Friendly Carbide Tip

All Kingfisher Hiking Sticks are equipped with a rugged, tungsten carbide tip to take abrasion and impact. This carbide point is engineered with a broad, rounded profile for unmatched durability.This point is not sharp or edged, like that of modern telescoping poles. It will do much less damage to fragile environments and will have less tendency to leave ugly pock marks in rock formations that make up so many wilderness trails.

  hiking stick detail
Uniform Length and Diameter
As mentioned above, there are several key advantages to straightness and uniformity in the shape of a hiking stick. Since it is most often used to aid balance and to counter uneven terrain, its symmetry is extremely helpful for quick reaction.
Kingfisher Hiking Stick Options:
Hiking stick with adjustable hand strap
  Optional Hand Lanyard  
The Kingfisher Hiking Stick is available with an optional fully adjustable soft perlon hand lanyard. The lanyard is not mechanically fastened to the wood but instead wound on the shaft in such a way that allows for a quick sliding action along the staff. It can be easily adjusted to any height but will not slip when the lanyard loop is stressed during hiking action. The lanyard, in other words, can be positioned high or low on the stick instantaneously for different hiking conditions or personal preference while giving the hiker the full support of a fixed wrist lanyard.
character inscribed in side of hiking stick
  Optional Calligraphy:
Our hiking staffs are based on a long lineage of martial art wooden weapons. Kingfisher offers calligraphy in Kanji. The character to the right reads "Do". It means the way or path to enlightenment. Kingfisher offers hundreds of ideas on personalized inscriptions so when you are ready to order, click this link "Order a Hiking Stick" and follow the instructions on the secure ordering page.



Order A Hiking Stick

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Length: 56" - 60"
Diameter: 15/16" or 1"
Weight: 18 - 22 oz